Christmas 2010
My life

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Jose.  We are originally from TX, but have lived in FL for over 15 years now. We have two beautiful kids, Josiah and Alissa. I thought I should try to blog, so I can add things to it whenever I want. However, I always end up Facebooking things or just enjoying things and forgetting to blog about it. I have big ideas, just waiting for the moment to do something with them.  For now I’m content taking care of my munchkins and spending time with the family.  I love God, he’s always kept an eye on me even when I’ve fallen off track. I love my family. I love anything outdoors (I keep thinking I do, but not so sure), camping (as I get older, I’m not liking camping as much), pontooning, jet skiing, you name it.  I love the beach.  I love watching my kids sleep.  I love road trips (I hope to show the kids the continental US before they are teens).  I love pigging out.  I love trying new things.  I love dancing (even if I’m not the best dancer).  I love karaoke (definitely not the best singer). I love shopping. I love helping others. I love fashion. I love watching old foreign movies. I love scary movies. I love hanging out with friends. I love animals (bugs are not included in my definition of animals). I love reading (I completely zone out the rest of the world when I find a good story). I love the Cowboys, Mavericks, and Spurs…no apologies…so should you! I love the idea of traveling around the world and hope to do it one day soon. I love writing.  I love adventure and taking risk. I love the sky, it’s all the proof I need to know God is here. I could go on forever, I am really easygoing and love so much in life. I don’t love…waking up early, having a cold or any illness, typos (just mine, so if you see any, message me asap), politics (it has gotten so far away from being for the people), rudeness, obvious exercise (it needs to come at me in disguise), cooking alone (I really don’t, it’s torture), blowing out someone else’s candle to make your candle shine brighter (quote from somewhere), or judging someone when you are not in their shoes and especially if you were in their shoes (if you don’t want to help someone, don’t judge, worry about your own life!). If you don’t like something on my page, I’m not sorry, go to another site…kind of kidding but not:)

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