• I Heart My Instant Pot

    For Christmas I got an Instant Pot. I was so excited, but that excitement was quickly replaced with fear after I opened up the box and put the Instant Pot on the counter.  I had flashbacks of my mom acting like a pressure cooker was a bomb ready to go off any minute, splashing everyone with scalding hot water.  After rereading the instructions several times, a couple of weeks later I finally worked up the courage to try it. I followed the enclosed directions and it wasn’t really that scary.  I admit I had my husband turn the valve to release the pressure the first couple of times. Fast forward to the present, I’m scouring Pinterest and…

  • Blackwater Canoe Rental

    Local Kid Friendly Things to Do

    This is a LIST OF LOCAL KID FRIENDLY THINGS that my children enjoy.  Most the activities are in Crestview, but some are in the surrounding area. The majority of the activities are low cost or free. Please be sure to call the places ahead of time to make sure the information is current.  

  • Three Year Old Josiah

    Happy Birthday Josiah!

    Today Josiah turned seven years old! I have a second grader now…where did the time go? It doesn’t feel like it was already seven years ago when I was blessed with one of my best friends, Josiah Cristian. I rememeber not being able to sleep for the first few months because I would wake up and want to stare at him all night.  His existence changed so many parts of my life, he made me want to be the best mom I could be, and I wanted to show God how much I appreciated his wonderful gift.  I want Josiah to use his good heart to be the very best version…

  • Your Light

    Life Lesson: Focus on Yourself

    “Blowing out somebody else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.” I don’t remember who said this, but I heard it from my sixth grade Quest teacher (a half hour life class for students to talk about feelings). I’ve never been the kind of person to judge or make fun of someone, because I know I’m not perfect.  I’m not surprised, but always amazed at the people who think they will look better, more interesting, or draw attention by talking down about other people.  I can never understand those that would spend so much energy putting others down. Some say people do it because jealousy, insecurity, peer pressure, bored, immature, or other reasons. Whatever the reason,…

  • Amen

    Life Lesson: Better Late

    Saw this on a license plate the other day and it really hit home. It’s never too late to head in the right direction.  It’s better late than never.

  • Me & My Munchkins

    Hello, hello!

    Hi, I’m Bianca.  Nice to meet you. After I had my kids, it was like a treasure hunt trying to find activities to do around here.  I have found some pretty cool places through my own searching and from friends.  I want to pass on the information to anyone that might be new to the area, a new mom, or just looking for something fun to do with the family.  If my site helps even one person, mission accomplished.  Please let me know about activities or ideas that I haven’t already included on my site.