Another Use For A Penis Cake Pan…Doh!

First off, if you are penisphobic (pretty sure that isn’t a word), STOP reading now because this post mentions the word several times.  I’ll try to keep it as PG-13 as possible.

Years ago when I was pregnant and hormonal, 7 to be exact, I was cohost of a friend’s baby shower and volunteered or got volunteered to make the cake. Pregnant me thought it would be fun and entertaining to make a penis cake since the guest of honor was having a boy. It was entertaining when the more conservative guest were trying to guess if the cake was…uh…maybe a rocket? Nope…it’s a penis.  Oh okay. It was fun when all the guest (it was a coed shower) had to eat the cake and say how good it was…I forgot all about my 24/7 morning sickness for awhile.

Fast forward to the present, I have never used the penis pan again.  I didn’t think it through. There aren’t many occasions in a married girl’s life that call for a penis cake. I was going to try to sell it, but I don’t know if I’ll get reported for an ad: “Large genital cake pan for sell. Will send pic to serious buyers.”

Today is my husband’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mister!! He is a huge Simpsons fan. I bought some Simpsons figures at the dollar store and was going to put it on a sheet cake. As I was pulling the ingredients out to bake the cake, the penis pan in my Goodwill box caught my eye. No! I was not donating it to Goodwill. I threw it in there when my kids had their friends at the house. Anyway, I saw the penis pan standing upright resembled Homer’s head (no puns intended). Yes, yes I did make my husband’s birthday cake with a penis cake pan. For not being a professional, I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

Penis Cake Pan
I used 1 box of cake mix, baked for about 35 minutes.
I cut off about 3 inches from the…bottom area to use for the eyes and nose. I used 2 different size shot glasses to cut around for the eyes and nose. I used frosting to stick them to main cake.
I used white frosting for the eyes and frosted the bottom to look like a shirt.
I used a little chocolate frosting mixed with white frosting for Homer’s mouth area. I added yellow food coloring to the rest of white frosting and frosted face. I finished it off with black icing for the eyeballs and 2 strands of hair.
Homer Simpson Cake Made From Penis Cake Pan
Happy Birthday!! He loved it.



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  • Mel Manchee

    I love your penis homer cake. (When I was typing homer it autocorrected to humer )

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