I Heart My Instant Pot

For Christmas I got an Instant Pot. I was so excited, but that excitement was quickly replaced with fear after I opened up the box and put the Instant Pot on the counter.  I had flashbacks of my mom acting like a pressure cooker was a bomb ready to go off any minute, splashing everyone with scalding hot water.  After rereading the instructions several times, a couple of weeks later I finally worked up the courage to try it. I followed the enclosed directions and it wasn’t really that scary.  I admit I had my husband turn the valve to release the pressure the first couple of times. Fast forward to the present, I’m scouring Pinterest and YouTube for new recipes and I’m a member of at least a half a dozen Instant Pot pages on Facebook.

Some of my IP groups…


I’m not even a fan of cooking, but I prefer a home cooked meal over processed fast food. With the Instant Pot, I can have FROZEN chicken wings from freezer to table in a little over 20 minutes, with less than 6 dishes to wash!! So home cooked food is now FAST food. Seriously, I just throw in the frozen wings on the rack with our favorite sauce and a half cup of water (I love the Trader Joe’s Korean {Style} BBQ Sauce) and Manual cook for 12 minutes. I broil them for 5 minutes in the oven to have that nice crisp on the outside. My family can devour 3 pounds of wings in about the same time it takes to cook them because they are so good.

We spend half the week at my kids’ sports practices.  The Instant Pot makes it easy to throw something together when we get home late on those days. It is so easy to use that I have talked my 12 year old son through making Zuppa Toscana!! That is the family’s favorite copycat recipe with some cut up French bread and a salad.

I have so many recipes saved that I want to try.  I need to buy some accessories so I can try them all.  Cheesecake is up there on my list of things to try.  If you have any EASY Instant Pot recipes, please share them with me.

Other family favorites:

Meatball Penne Pasta
Steak Tacos
Spinach Artichoke Dip


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