Twinkie Squad Debut

I’m sharing this to be supportive of my babycakes and her friends. During this pandemic, even though they all live states away, they have kept in touch with gaming/group FaceTiming. One day they thought they should share the fun they have with all their friends and other gamers they play. They decided to start a YouTube channel showcasing some of their favorite games (mainly on Roblox). She has been wanting to do this for awhile, but I wanted to wait until she was older. For now they are focusing on gaming and not actually on camera. They are still figuring things out on the technical side, because it is all done by the kids for kids. I watched the first video and some of the second. It reminds me of my middle school days when I sounded like a character plucked out of Clueless. “OMG…as if!! LOL” It’s definitely more for kids and tweens. As long as grades are up and chores are done, they will post weekly. Check them out and be sure to subscribe.

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