A Few of My Favorite Things

My goodies from first FT party I attended

One of my favorite parties to have or attend is a Favorite Things party. I think the idea came from the queen herself, Oprah, gifting her audience with some of her favorite things.

People host Favorite Thing parties differently. At my parties, I prefer everyone gives everyone one of their favorite things (we set a reasonable price limit per gift).  So if you have 5 friends attending the party and you are gifting them with your favorite lip gloss, you buy 5 of your favorite lip gloss. If you have a higher price limit set, you might get them a few of your favorite items.

My second favorite part of the party is the food! The party I hosted was after dinner time, so I provided most of the snacks and asked guest to bring one of their favorite snacks and/or drinks. On party days I don’t like to be slaving in the kitchen. I love easy, so I made an easy strawberry shortcake, Instant Pot chicken wings; bought some precut fruit, cheese, brownies, mozzarella sticks wrapped in prosciutto, crackers, and chips.

Some of the spread…yum

A Favorite Things party is supposed to be fun. It felt like Christmas day or my birthday as a kid. Don’t stress yourself out, you can keep it simple or go all out. Getting gifts is enough fun for me, so I keep it simple and use the time to catch up with friends, eat, drink, karaoke, and open gifts!!

My stash from the party I threw